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Radio Voodoo is a digital phone platform that helps audio programs optimize listener phone calls and provide new opportunities for Non-Traditional Revenue.

How it works.

Voodoo works with your station’s heritage number, or create a new, custom toll-free number to represent your brand.

Radio Voodoo can be programmed to answer your calls by daypart, day of the week, or 24-hours a day.

Radio Voodoo can route calls to any studio—office or home—or send callers to a customized menu of your choosing.

Great for any platform.

Radio Voodoo’s customizable IVR platform can be used to optimize listener calls for any media platform that takes phone calls.

Why Programmers love Voodoo

  • Their station’s number connects to a cloud-based answering service.
  • It is the perfect solution for platforms with multiple sources (main studio, remote talent, syndication).
  • Easy access to listener audio, demographic data, and other call reports.

Why Promotions Teams teams love Voodoo

  • Automated contesting system which does not need to be actively monitored counts the callers and passes the winner to you.
  • The contest system can also take the winner’s information, allowing for promotions during tracked hours.
  • The customizable menu allows them to get creative with integrating their listeners into the brand.

Why Sales Teams love Voodoo

  • Provides an opportunity to sponsor the line and offer rotating sponsorships.
  • The text club feature can send branded texts to your listeners.
  • Caller data can be used to supplement other audience data in sales presentations.


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