Connecting listeners to your station.

  • Answers calls 24/7.
  • Easy automated contests.
  • Captures audio from callers.
  • Make your phone line an extension of your brand.

Make life easy.

Radio Voodoo makes it easy to use caller recordings in your programming. Hear how your production can spice up its promos with listener voices.

Radio Voodoo is the perfect solution to insure your phones are answered during voice tracked day-parts. Plus every day part can be voiced by the same voices heard on the air.

  • I’ve been using Radio Voodoo going on 15 years now…couldn’t live without it! Your brand deserves more than a busy signal!
  • Radio Voodoo is an indispensable tool for us at KRBE, streamlining our ability to interact via the phone with listeners in a dynamic way. It makes contesting, requests, and getting callers on the air so much easier. We’re still working remotely, but thanks to Radio Voodoo, calls can be routed from the studio to our jocks seamlessly without missing a beat. We simply can’t DO radio without Radio Voodoo.
  • At WCBS NewsRadio 880, we used RadioVoodoo to stay connected to our listeners and to engage them. We house many of our daily features on the site and our RadioVoodoo listener line allows people to hear popular features like our Small Business Report, Dishin Digital, and Health and Well Being updated daily. In addition, we use the RadioVoodoo line for Talk Backs, opportunities for our listeners to sound off on a particular story. We turn around and use the audio recordings on the air. It makes for great radio and keeps us connected to our listeners.

Make money.

Radio Voodoo gives you opportunities to sell sponsorships that can be tailored to every need.

Radio Voodoo has places for you to include sponsor mentions, gather listener audio for sponsored segments, or even forward your listeners to sponsors at the touch of a button. And with caller data, you can show your phone line’s performance to your sponsor.


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